The Covid FREE Event status is assigned to an event that meets the following requirements:

1. Admission to the site is carried out only if there is a negative PCR test no later than 72 hours before the start of the event.

2. The organizing company assumes the costs of providing a voucher for the PCR test in the nearest laboratory of the Partner.

3. In case of a positive result of the PCR test or cancellation of the event for reasons beyond the control of the organizer related to the coronavirus (lockdown, restrictions by local authorities, etc.), the organizing company offers:

3.1. Replace the participant, without paying additional funds, and also provide him with a voucher for passing the PCR test in the nearest laboratory of the Partner.

3.2. Refund of 80% of the payment amount to the payer's account and 20% in the format of a voucher that the participating company can use, during the calendar year, for any events of the organizing company, unless otherwise agreed by the parties, or for any other event that has Covid FREE Event status.

4. In case of refusal to pass the PCR test, the participant is not allowed to the site. In this case, the funds will not be returned.

5. Vaccinated delegates receive a 10% discount on participation upon presentation of a certificate.

Covid Free Event —

This is the format of the event, which provides in advance the possible risks of non-holding due to coronavirus restrictions, lockdowns or illness of the participant, insuring itself and its clients against financial losses, as well as the risk of infection. In the case of the above situations, the organizer company releases the participant from all financial obligations.